Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

                Babs and Oliver's F1B Labradoodles

Babs & Oliver had puppies April 13th. These puppies will be ready for new homes June 8th. These gals and guy will all be curly. They're bi-color cream or golden/apricot with white highlights or black and white. We think they're breathtaking! 

We expect these pups to be between 50-60 lbs as adults with males being about 10% heavier than females when fully mature. We will start showing them next weekend!. The order they are chosen is the order in which they are reserved.

We have finished early neurological stimulation. These puppies have started litterbox potty training. They are very mobile and have started to use our puppy play equipment to get used to running, climbing, jumping and all different floor surfaces and toys. They have been slowly exploring the great outdoors are are playing with each other and us. They still don't love us but they'll get there haha. They really prefer their mama at this stage.

There are 2 or 3 Puppies Available in this Litter

Reserved Female Kevin & Alison Deposit Received 

Reserved Female Sally L Paid in Full

Reserved Male or Female Haley M Deposit Received

Reserved Male or Female Katie L Deposit Received

Reserved Male or Female Samara.

Reserved Male or Female Cayleigh M.

Reserved Puppy Katie Lucia.

Available Puppy

Available Puppy

 We will be showing puppies Sunday the 22nd of May. 

Green Collar Male

Light Purple Collar Female

Orange Collar Female

Pink Collar Female

Yellow Collar Female

Purple Collar Female

Red Collar Female

Orange Collar Male

Blue Collar Male

Males                      There are 3 males

Females                  There are 6 Females