Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

   Ember and Oliver's F1 Goldendoodles

These puppies are expected around November 2nd and should weigh between 45-55 lbs.  These puppies will be gentle, sweet, social and extremely smart. They may go through a phase of being shy but will come out of it with continued socialization. They will enjoy some physical activities such as fetch, carrying around toys, playing with their friends, and some may love to swim. They enjoy rustling in leaves in the fall and pouncing in cold wet snow in the winter. They will excel in their training classes, definitely showing their peers up! They really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. Both parents are friendly, sweet and outgoing. Dad is hyper meeting new people then slowly settles, and mom is a toy lover! She is very low energy but will chase a ball or stick when appropriate. I am naturally very silly and will sing and make strange noises as I go about my business so these little sweethearts won't be phased by that sort of thing. They will be extremely wavy to curly and shouldn't shed more than a few hairs here and there.     

We are taking 4 more deposits for this litter but we're expecting around 10 puppies to be born.

Waiting for these puppies:

Kathryn Reserved Female Deposit Received
Julie M. Reserved no preference gender
Samantha K. Female

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