Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

              Gingie and Fritzie's F1B Goldendoodles

Gingie and Fritzie are expecting beautiful standard sized Goldendoodle puppies in Late August. We expect them within 5 days of August 31st. These puppies will be gentle, extremely social and smart. They will enjoy physical activities such as hiking, fetch, playing with their friends, and some will even love to swim. They enjoy leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. They will excel in their training classes, probably showing their peers up! They really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. Both parents are friendly, sweet and outgoing. Dad is silly and mom is a people pleaser. I am naturally very silly and will sing and make strange noises as I go about my business so these little sweethearts won't be phased by that sort of thing.   



We can only take two more deposits for this list until after puppies are born and we know how many there will be available.

Currently Waiting:

Eric Reserved Female... maybe
Gabby and Mike Reserved Male Deposit Received
Delaney M. Reserved Female 

James K. Reserved Male

Colleen S Reserved Female Deposit Received

Jim S. Reserved Male Deposit Received

Katelyn S. Reserved Male