Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

              Gingie and Fritzie's F1B Goldendoodles

Gingie and Fritzie had 11 adorable puppies Monday August 29th. They are all adorable! These puppies will be gentle, extremely social and smart. They will enjoy physical activities such as hiking, fetch, playing with their friends, and some will even love to swim. They enjoy leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. They will excel in their training classes, probably showing their peers up! They really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new places. Both parents are friendly, sweet and outgoing. Dad is silly and mom is a people pleaser. I am naturally very silly and will sing and make strange noises as I go about my business so these little sweethearts won't be phased by that sort of thing. These puppies will be curly to super curly and shouldn't shed.  


We are starting early neurological stimulation today. Normally we start on day 3 but they took quite a while to all get here and needed an extra boost with feeding so we decided to wait one extra day. Everyone is thriving. Pictures coming by tonight!


All puppies are doing great! We'll be posting individual pictures very soon! Their eyes are still closed but their pigment is in. It looks like only a couple have Fritzie's signature pink nose. They're still all adorable!


Puppies are all growing and gaining weight. They're starting to open their eyes and their ears are soon to follow! A few more days of ENS and they're well on the way to being amazing companions. I'm super excited for them to start on mush next week and start growling, barking and playing. A lot happens this upcoming week as far as puppy development goes. I'll post a video later in the week as these things start happening, pictures with their eyes open will come as soon as they all open their eyes in the next 2-3 days. 


All the puppies have their eyes open and are beginning to use the litter box! They tried a thin mush today, the small girl (Light Pink) liked it the most since she is able to get very little from mom. More pictures and a video will come in a few days as they get more mobile and independent! 


The puppies are now pretty mobile and playing with toys as well as each other. They're meeting new people daily and eating thicker mush. They're exploring different floor textures.  



This couple's beautiful puppies have arrived! There are 5 males and 6 females. They are ready for new homes October 23rd or after.

                 We have 2 female puppies and one male available for reservation in this litter. 

Currently Waiting:

Gabby and Mike Reserved Male Deposit Received
Delaney M. Reserved Female 

James K. Reserved Male

Colleen S Reserved Female Deposit Received

Jim S. Reserved Male Deposit Received

Katelyn S. Reserved Male

Matt S Reserved Female Deposit Received

Adais T Reserved Female Deposit Received

Teal Collar Girl

Dark Green Collar Boy

Gray Collar Boy

Light Purple Collar Girl

Blue Collar Boy

Red Collar Girl

Dark Pink Collar Girl

Light Green Collar Boy

Light Pink Collar Girl

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