Cute Cuddly Goldendoodles and Labradoodles



                                            Gingie and Fritzie's Puppies
                                               All pups expected to be in 60-75 lb range.  
Gingie had 11 adorable puppies on Saturday, May 22nd! All seem healthy and happy at this time and Gingie is relaxed and happy. She's a great mom to these little guys and gals. There are 8 girls and 3 boys.

Here are the families on her list waiting for one of these puppies!


Stars indicate I have confirmation of interest in this litter.

Reserved for Linda female

Reserved Eric C. Female*

Reserved for Alex H Male*

Marilee. Goldendoodle

Ruthie Schneider. Female goldendoodle*

Sam Bisson. female goldendoodle*

Chelsey Beard. Male goldendoodle*

Marti S. Male*

Courtney M. Male* Moved to Isabella's due to not enough males


Mom and Dad

These Puppies