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Mavis and Fritzie's F1B labradoodle puppies


    Mavis had a litter of 6 beautiful labradoodles on Tuesday, January 19th. There are 4 males and 2 females. Three chocolate males, one cream male and two cream females. These puppies will be ready to go home March 16th. We will be scheduling visits to choose Mavis's puppies starting on February 13th! 

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Here are Mavis and Fritzie's puppies! All pups are expected to have very thick and wavy to curly fur. 
All puppies eyes are open and they are starting to see us clearly and can hear as well now. The puppies aren't quite sure what to think of us yet. They'll come around with plenty of loving snuggles, comfort and play. They are beginning to pottytrain, although they don't quite know what it is just yet. Another week or so and they will really start to get it. So far these guys are very laid back and happy go lucky.
2/19 Mavis's puppies are getting around so well now! They're still pretty quiet and sweet but growing fast. They will start playing more excitedly very soon! Their poops are all in the litter box now which is very nice. They'll be meeting more people this weekend which is so great for them.


Black Collar Boy                                      Harpswell                             Reserved for Cynthia R


Orange Collar Boy                                             Rio                  Reserved for Chelsea and Adam

Green Collar Boy                                              River                    Reserved for Donna           

Blue Collar Boy                                               Taco                                       Reserved for John                                                 

Pink Collar Girl                                            Lucy                                 Reserved for Tim

Purple Collar Girl                                                                                                  Reserved for Sheri