Upcoming Litters

These are our 2023/early 2024 planned litters.

All of our puppies are $2400 unless otherwise specified. 

Summer June F1B Goldendoodles Gingie and Oliver final litter!

55-70 lbs       

Judy P.   

Alexis P. Male 

Late Summer 2023 F1 Goldendoodles Ember & Oliver

50-60 lbs

Barbara D Female Deposit Received

Alison L. Female

Erin M.

Nicole G Male Deposit Received

Katrina G. Female

Judy P. 

Andrew S. 



 F1B Goldendoodles Tweety and Oliver 50-65 lbs late spring summer. They will be cream to apricot, or parti white and apricot

Samantha Kile. Female

Alexis P. Male


Late Summer or Fall 2023 Toy F1 Aussiedoodles 14-18 lbs $3000 each



Candace female Deposit Received

Barbara D Female Deposit Received

Melissa K. Female

Late 2023 F1B Aussiedoodles Medium/Standard 40-50 lbs

Hailey and Marley

We expect curly black and black and white and chocolate puppies in this litter depending on the chosen stud dog.

Jackie C.

Patricia B Male Deposit Received

Pippa and Marley

We expect creams, chocolates, black and white or a mix of these colors in this litter

Jackie C. 

Patricia B Male Deposit Received