Upcoming Litters

These are our 2023/early 2024 planned litters.

Early September F1B Labradoodles Mavis and Marley 50-60 lbs

These two are expecting a litter of all chocolate or chocolate and white puppies in around July 8th, ready for homes in late August. These puppies will be very wavy to curly and should have happy, playful, sweet personalities like their parents. Mavis is a bit more energetic while Marley is very laid back. Mavis likes to run, swim and jump, Marley loves to play fetch and chase the girls.

 F1B Goldendoodles Tweety and Marley 55-65 lbs late early fall. They're expected to be black or brown possibly with white spots. This is their first litter so we shall see! Marley is pretty laid back, Tweety is more excitable. We hope for playful mellow puppies who are agreeable and easy to train. 


Alexis P. Male 

Lauren C Deposit Received


Fall 2023 Toy F1 Aussiedoodles 14-18 lbs $3000 each



Candace female Deposit Received

Barbara D Female Deposit Received

Melissa K Female Deposit Received

Late 2023 F1B Aussiedoodles Medium/Standard 40-50 lbs

Hailey and Marley

We expect curly black and black and white and chocolate puppies in this litter depending on the chosen stud dog.

Jackie C.

Patricia B Male Deposit Received

Lilah M and Carrie M Deposit Received


Pippa and Marley

We expect creams, chocolates, black and white or a mix of these colors in this litter

Jackie C. 

Patricia B Male Deposit Received


Jody Towson. Spring Puppy

Andrew Scates Ember Oliver pup Deposit Received