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Who We Are

Loving Cuddly GoldenDoodles

     We are a family  here at the CuddlyDoode ranch located in the small beautiful town of Jay, Maine. I am a devoted mother of two beautiful boys. One 15 year old with special needs who loves car rides, cooking and swimming,. Our 19 year old techie in college. has a mighty love of the great outdoors and art. I'm also lucky enough to be a stepmother of a beautiful 7 year old girl who likes to cook, paint, dance, and is an avid reader and is great at spelling. She loves snuggling with the puppies and always takes a special interest in our underdog or runt puppies who need extra love and care. An interesting fact about my oldest son and my stepdaughter is they share the same birthday! I have plenty of time and love to give to our little fur babies as I only work part time. We enjoy the nearby walking trails with our parent dogs as well as playing fetch, frisbee, and ball in the open backyard of our home. It's also nice to take day trips with them for swimming, hiking, camping and rollerblading. We are especially interested in cuddling with them and the babies for as long as we get to spend with them and miss them greatly when they're gone. I like to receive updates after the babies go home so I can see how happy they are with their new families. I get to be here for their first 8 weeks watching them grow so it's only fair for me to document some of that time and share it with you via pictures and videos when possible!  

     At CuddlyDoodes, we are focused on providing healthy, well behaved, socialized, adapted, home raised doodles for your family in order to meet your specific needs or wants. Our puppies are intentionally raised to be friendly, calm, smart, sweet and beautiful. They make great additions to any family!  We pride ourselves on breeding and raising happy, well-adjusted dogs with temperaments you can trust.  Providing a high quality and healthy life long canine companion is our top priority, we won't knowingly release a sick or unhealthy puppy.

     Our puppies are raised in our home, not in a kennel. They are treated as members of our family, and showered with love and respect. When you adopt a CuddlyDood you become a part of our family as well, so be sure to send us pictures!  We spend lots of quality time with each puppy to make sure they're well rounded and familiar with a variety of environments and situations to make it easier on their forever families. They all eat home made puppy formula . We use raw goats milk, goat yogurt and duck eggs which give these puppies the best possible start in life. It's possible this might increase their size as adults as well. As you may notice we tend to lean toward a more holistic approach in the raising of our puppies. We acclimate each one to our vehicles by starting with them on our lap, then slowly getting them to ride with siblings and mom in the back seat and finally, hopefully, ending with them comfortably riding by themselves. In order to help get the most difficult puppies comfortable with riding in the car, we may give them a treat once inside to help ensure they will be happy to go wherever you need or want to take them. Each puppy gets to meet and play with our other puppies and dogs including the dogs of our family and friends. This helps to socialize them with dogs so they don't act aggressively out of fear. They are played with by children as much as possible to help them learn to be gentle and easy with the little ones. We walk each baby on a leash a couple times a week or more if we're able once they're old enough. We strive to teach them some puppy manners and the beginnings of potty training before they go home. Everything we do while they're in our care makes the transition easier on them and you as their new owners. It also makes the time you have to spend with your new puppy more enjoyable as you'll have less reprimanding and more cuddling to do!  

     Our Puppies are bathed a few times a week usually starting at week 4, groomed with their nails clipped weekly. They really don't mind taking baths and having their nails clipped or bangs trimmed depending on how old they are and how curly they may be! We play with each puppies toes a couple times a day from 3 weeks on and once a day from birth. This gets them used to the grooming process so they're easy going for their wonderful groomer as adults. We use the blow dryer on them after most baths for a few minutes to get them used to the heat and noise. They really don't like this but we try to help them slowly get used to it. They are brushed and cuddled to get them bonding and liking their daily brushing, trust me, they don't usually start out sitting nicely for these things! They play "fetch" though there's not a lot of them bringing the ball back before 8 weeks. 

     We provide goody bags complete with puppy food, (wet and dry) a leash and harness, chewies, various toys, a bottle of all natural flea and tick prevention, and a folder containing their medical records, microchip packet, so you can keep them safe and find them if they get lost. Each puppy is vaccinated up to date, wormed every two weeks, micro chipped with Advanced Pro ID mini from Microchip ID (which you can find more information about at or by calling 1800.434.2843), and eating quality wet and dry kibble before they leave our care. 

    We offer a 2 Year warranty against any life threatening congenital defects, under which we will supply you with a replacement pup. This does not mean that you must return the defective pup, it just means we will give you another pup.

We're happy to answer any questions you have in order to help you to make an educated decision in your search for the perfect puppy. Dogs are a huge commitment, so we feel it's important that both the breed and the breeder are the right fit for you and your family. Please feel free to look around our website and if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also feel free to call and see if we're home and available for a visit anytime, even if there are no available puppies. We would love for you to see where your puppies are coming from and to meet their parents. Check back at a later date for new updates to our website.

Common questions about generations of Goldendoodles and what they mean:

F1 Goldendoodle =
Golden Retriever X Poodle (50% Poodle / 50% Golden Retriever) Some won't shed others a  little bit but not as much as a Golden Retriever, Allergy Friendly.

F1B Goldendoodle =

F1 Goldendoodle X Poodle (75% Poodle / 25% Golden Retriever)  Most F1B's Are Non-Shedders, Most are Allergy Friendly.

F2 Goldendoodle =
F1 Goldendoodle X F1 Goldendoodle (50% Golden / 50% Poodle) Some won't shed others a little but not as much as a Golden Retriever.

At this time we are only breeding F1B goldendoodles generally weighing between 45 and 70 lbs. We occasionally have a litter of beautiful F1B Labradoodles as well. These puppies generally weigh between 50 and 80 lbs.