Cute Cuddly Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

Mom and Dad

Brownie has a full waiting list for Spring puppies.


Reserved For Theresa                                       Alice                                                         

Cream Collar Girl



Reserved for Nicole                                       Rudder  

Chocolate Collar Boy



Reserved for John                                            Dolly

Yellow Collar Girl




Reserved for Alex                                        Butters                                          

Blue Collar Girl



Reserved for Jen & Jeremy                                Ellie

Purple Collar Girl



Reserved for Ivana                                          Nala                                              

Green Collar Girl




Reserved for Ioanna                                       Cocoa

Red Collar Girl



As the puppies grow we will be placing their pictures here for you to see the changes and phases they go through. They are starting to go outside now! Fun ensues as they get more accustomed to playing with leaves, grass, flowers and each other. They are starting to get their personalities and getting used to snuggling and playing with us, mom, dad and a couple other girls. Our daughter adores these little girls... and the boy, too! She can usually be found in the pen snuggling with puppies.