Cute Cuddly Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

Mom and Dad

Brownie is expected to have her next litter of beautiful F1B labradoodles ready for new homes in late August! She has been bred and we are expecting these puppies between August 29th and September 5th. These puppies are $2000 each. We ask for a deposit of $300 to hold your place on the list and $1700 remaining at or before the day of pick up. We have one male and one female available for deposits then this list will be closed. We will take 2 names and info of people looking for either gender, not specifically one or the other and ask for a deposit from them within a couple weeks of birth.

We have a list of waiting families who have placed their deposits on a puppy in this litter:

Lauryn and Jessica Reserved Chocolate Female

John Reserved Female

Chris and Nicole Reserved Male or Female

Jen and Jeremy Reserved Male

Davann Reserved Light Cream Male

Paula Reserved Male or Female.


Reserved Cream Collar Male                           Chewy                      

This little guy is full of spunk. He likes to get a chuckle out of us. He is well rounded and has a nice balance of energy to calmness. He enjoys making people happy and knows how to get people going.




Reserved Purple Collar Girl                               Luna

This girl goes with the flow and is so full of life, laughter and snuggles. She will learn quickly. She is brave, curious and very well rounded. She lets us (and the kids) do whatever we want with her.


Reserved Yellow Collar Female                          Riley

This little sweetie is friendly and playful. She seems very fond of little ones. She has the energy to keep up with and tolerate children and is smart so she will learn quickly.She has a unique white patch on her chest.



Reserved Female                                           Sophie

This little baby girl is a sweet cuddlebug. She enjoys running around with her toys and friends then just wants to curl up with us. She is friendly and happy go lucky, smart and affectionate. She has plenty of spunk and character.


Reserved Light Pink Collar  Female                   Rhys          

This little girl is our "runt" puppy. She's smaller than the rest but strong and feisty. We never have to worry that she will get trampled or beaten up on, she handles herself just fine among the other puppies. She is very affectionate and has a normal temperament and activity level. She knows how to get attention and get her needs met.


Reserved Blue Collar Male                              Cooper                        

This little guy is sweet, sweet, sweet! He has the goofy doodle personality down to a T! He enjoys playing for a while then sits back and watches the others in action. He's eager to please and is a great little buddy.


Reserved Blue Collar Female                              Lady

Lady is one of our bigger girls and is not shy. She likes to do her own thing and is pretty playful but will aslo cuddle. She is a friendly companion and likes to hang out with her people and chew on her toys and treats. She is smart and curious.


Reserved Red Collar Female                           Gracie

This little girl is smart, friendly, playful and pretty laid back. She really enjoys romping around with her friends but also enjoys lap cuddles and snuggles. She is happy and energetic with nice soft side. She will love going on her walks as well as having her down time. 

As the puppies grow we will be placing their pictures here for you to see the changes and phases they go through. In one to two weeks they'll be playing vigorously with each other and starting potty training outside. This is also the time they usually start to eat their homemade gruel formula. They are starting to differentiate between the potty paper and their bedding. They are starting to go outside to potty then play after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner! This is a fun time for them. They have lots more time outside the playpens exploring the home environment for several hours broken up during the day. They are trying on their leash and harnesses without too much fuss. I'm enjoying each puppy very much!