Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

Once our puppies are born families on the waiting list are notified individually within a week of birth. We will schedule a time during the 5th week (most likely on the weekend) for you to come to our house to choose your puppy. During this time you'll have at least half an hour set aside for you to spend with all the available puppies. If you're not available during your time slot due to distance, prior commitments or other issues you'll be asked to choose by videos and pictures provided to you by us and/or video chat.

 If you can't make it during your time slot and refuse to choose an alternate way, you will forfeit your spot on our list. We have lots of families waiting for their turn to choose a puppy and we can't change the schedule to accommodate emergencies on short notice. We also have a feeding, learning and social schedule we would rather not change too much while the puppies are learning and growing here with us.

 Once all the puppies are chosen we will provide one on one updates about your specific puppy until they go home. If you are wondering about your puppy or would like updated pictures let us know and usually within a day or so we will provide that for you. We want everyone to be in love with their precious cuddlydoode!

I would like to recommend that all families who come to choose their doodle in person please bring an old t shirt or other clothing item that smells like you and your family members so your puppy can get used to your scent while they're here. This makes the transition so much easier! If you can't make it or prefer to zoom or choose by pictures and videos please send an item for your puppy to snuggle with, wear or sleep on once a day.