Cute Cuddly Goldendoodles and Labradoodles

There are many people who are on multiple lists. A lot of times people find puppies sooner or decide the timing isn't right before placing a deposit. This means a puppy may be available sooner and you may be asked in the order you are placed on our list if you'd like to meet and decide if you'd like one of the available puppies. You will stay on your current list until a deposit is received for a specific puppy to avoid confusion.


June-July 2021 Goldendoodles 55-75 lbs
1.Bob Smith. goldendoodle larger Male Gingie    

2.Kevin Laplante. male goldendoodle

3.Sheri Foster. goldendoodle

4.Nolan Abrams. goldendoodle

5.Karen Gronlund. goldendoodle light male

6.Charles Kellner. goldendoodle

7.Vijay Raman. Male Labradoodle or Goldendoodle

8.Kim and Scott LeBrun.

9.Diane Moconyi. Female Goldendoodle

10.Jessica Blanchard. female goldendoodle

11.Ruthie Schneider. Female goldendoodle or labradoodle Brownie Gingie Mavis

12.Emily Ryan. Goldendoodle


August-Sept 2021 Goldendoodles 50-65 lbs 

1.Kara Parks. goldendoodle waiting
2.Paige Larrivee. goldendoodle waiting
3.Reed Flynn-G. goldendoodle
4.Sheri Foster. goldendoodle
5.Tim. Female Goldendoodle


September-November 2021 Labradoodles 55-70 lbs

1.Emily Linero. (Brownie) waiting
2.Emily Diomandes.  labradoodle waiting
3.Marilyn Salazar Female chocolate
4.Amanda Guerette    
5.Vijay Raman. Male Labradoodle or Goldendoodle waiting 
6.John Gowac. Male or Female Labradoodle Mavis
7.Ruthie Schneider. Female goldendoodle or labradoodle Brownie Gingie Mavis  


Spring 2022

Paige Larrivee. Goldendoodle
Kara Parks. goldendoodle