Goldendoodle, Labradoodle & Aussiedoodle puppies in Beautiful Jay, Maine

Mavis's Available Puppies


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Mavis's F1B labradoodle puppies

Mavis has 9 puppies! These sweeties were born Sunday September Sept 12th due to go home November 7th. There are 2 chocolate females and 1 chocolate male, there is 1 cream female and 5 cream males. All are doing great and seem very healthy and happy. All Mavis's puppies will be curly later and are $2400 each.


Families will be choosing their puppies on October 16th!


4 available adorable cream males available for reservation.


Gray Collar Boy                        Available

Light Blue Collar Boy                                  Available

Black Collar Boy                                           Available

Orange Collar Boy                                       Available

Corey's Green Collar Boy                              Reserved

Diane's Pink Collar Female                           Reserved                


Jim and Jen's Light Pink Collar Girl            Reserved

Michael & Valli Plum Collar Female                   Reserved

Samantha Bower's Chocolate Boy                   Reserved